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What are the advantages of QTY Connect compared to traditional call systems with buzzers and queue screens?

With QTY Connect, the process becomes simpler and more efficient. You only need your own phone, no additional hardware required. This means employees don't have to spend time issuing, collecting, charging, or cleaning equipment; QTY Connect allows you to communicate the estimated wait time, providing customers with better information. You can easily share links to Social Media and newsletters. QTY Connect enables you to gather valuable feedback, and the platform provides comprehensive management information, including data on average waiting times, allowing you to analyze and improve performance.

Do I need to download an app from the app store to use QTY connect?

No, that's not necessary! When you scan the QR code, a browser window opens displaying your queue number immediately. Through the Web App, you can track the status of your order.

How will I be updated by QTY connect while waiting?

By default, the QTY Web App opens in your preferred browser. As long as you keep the browser open, QTY keeps you updated. You can also receive notifications via WhatsApp, email, or SMS.

How long is a QR code valid/accessible?

Once a transaction is completed and a QR code is generated by QTY Connect, it is valid for 24 hours. This means you can open the link from the screen or receipt. After 24 hours, it is automatically deleted.

Does QTY support other languages?

Yes, QTY Connect currently supports Dutch, English, and German. You can easily switch between languages. The QTY Web app automatically opens in the preferred language of your browser.

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