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Enhance guest experience and improve loyalty with our ecosystem.

QTY Connect is a web-based solution designed for queue operators to enhance guest experience and improve loyalty. Easily log in to the Q-manager using your phone or tablet and choose to go paperless or use a receipt printer to distribute QR codes to your guests.

By scanning the QR code, guests receive their waiting number and timely information about their order, including average waiting time, order progress, and a pop-up notification when the order is ready for pick-up.

Additionally, you can include upsell offers, vouchers, and links to your social media accounts. The software seamlessly integrates with your preferred POS system and can manage multiple unique queues. Hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, it can be used as a standalone solution or integrated with your POS or Order Kiosks.

Expanding into new markets such as leisure, hospitality, healthcare, and government in 2024.

Web App

Stay connected

Once you scan the QR-code you will instantly access the Queue and open the QTY connect web-app. No need to install anything, it just opens in your mobile browser. Easy navigation and personalized updates without any extra steps. The Web-app welcomes you, shows your unique pager number and holds your digital receipt.

The conversational interface starts informing you with messages about the average waiting time, the status of your order and much more. You can select your preferred way to get notifications, by Whatsapp, Text messages or e-mail, or just stick to the web-app for the full experience.

Our app is multilingual, currently we support NL/DE/UK and very intuitive. The conversational design speaks for itself and the options to navigate, select notifications and open your digital receipt stand out.

The web-app can be branded in your own look & feel, and you can add messages to the content flow to your needs. The system is designed to have minimum impact for your employees and maximum effect in communication with your 100% target audience.


Streamline Queue Management Effortlessly

Our online Q-Manager is designed with convenience in mind. It's mobile-first, developed for seamless use on tablets or mobile phones. With no installation necessary, simply log in to begin efficiently managing your queues.
The system supports drag-and-drop functionality across the dashboard, enabling intuitive organization of orders. Seamlessly move and re-arrange orders while keeping a pulse on your queue dynamics.
Each pager within the system boasts a unique waiting number. By clicking on any pager, you gain access to all detailed information, including waiting time, current status, progress updates, and the option to scan or re-print the QR-code. Additionally, view receipts and even open the connected web-app for real-time monitoring of communication—all at your fingertips.
Experience the ease of navigating and managing queues to enhance operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction with our comprehensive Q-Manager.


Data-Driven Insights

QTY Connect doesn't just collect data; it transforms it into valuable insights for your business. We measure the time from order initiation to pick-up or table service, presenting this data in real-time graphs that empower you to make informed decisions about staffing.

But it doesn't stop there. Every click on our web-app is tracked. This means immediate feedback on your campaigns, vouchers, social media engagement, and review links—all seamlessly integrated into our automated messaging system.

Elevate your decision-making with QTY Connect's comprehensive reporting tools. Turn data into action for a more efficient and engaging customer experience.

These companies already upgraded
their waiting line experience

Poké Perfect

Poké Perfect is a family-owned business founded by siblings Gerrit Jan and Quinta Witzel. It's a fast, healthy food concept featuring sustainable, fresh ingredients. Poké Perfect embodies delicious fusion bowls packed with fresh ingredients. The dishes combine flavors, fresh fish, or vegetarian options with vibrant vegetables, sauces, and toppings. Presently available at over 13 locations across the Netherlands.

Monkey Town

A market leader in indoor playgrounds in Europe, currently operating more than 50 playgrounds. Monkey Town indoor playgrounds offer local, affordable, and innovative fun, providing a day full of experiences in a safe and hygienic environment. They offer comfortable seating and a suitable catering selection for both children and parents. Active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. Serving over 4 million customers annually.

Moments & More

Moments & More is a gas station concept—primarily located along highways—focusing on food, drinks, and experiences. They also offer comfortable seating for their guests. In addition to various sandwiches or a delightful cup of coffee, guests can also find a good evening meal.

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